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TMM016: Grow Your Business With FB Messenger Bots

TMM016 Grow Your Business With FB Messenger Bots

What worked for you yesterday, might become less effective, specifically email marketing. Mary is such an inspiration for hustlers, all of those who are aspiring to grow a business and be successful online by turning all her struggles into a massive success by applying the right mindset. To keep up technology, you need to adapt..

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TMM015: How to be Seen as an Expert in your Chosen Niche with Kyle Gray

How to be Seen as an Expert in your Chosen Niche with Kyle Gray

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell. But I always feel overwhelmed with were to start and what to say the moment I begin thinking about creating content. My goal for you is that you will understand the framework and philosophy behind good content marketing from an expert in the field from this episode.  

TMM014: Master the Four Secrets of Leadership With Bryan Armentrout

Are you a decision maker? Do you allow your team to make decisions and push them to be critical thinkers?  I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Bryan Armentrout who shows the importance of decision making and building relationship with your team for a better understanding of where they are coming from. 

TMM012: All about Customer Success with Natalie Webster

Natalie Webster, CEO of Priority Experts

Are you losing money from poor customer service? Did you know that customer success can cost you nothing? Setting up a customer service team can make your business more money by plugging the leaks. I didn’t realize the many ways that customer success could increase sales and decrease refunds until I spoke with Natalie.

TMM008: Daniel Hicks – Poster Child for the 20 Mile March

Daniel Hicks is the founder of TTB Tamer, which is a software that helps microbreweries report their tax obligations. His software helps track the amount of alcohol a brewer produces and creates all the forms to be sent into the government. I was impressed at how Daniel followed the formula from The Foundation and (surprise!..

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