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TMM028: The Power of Masterminds and Habits

How can masterminds and habits exactly help accelerate your business? In this episode, Ronan Leonard aka “The Mastermind Guy” breaks down all the nuts and bolts – from the concept of masterminds to the keys in establishing your own successful mastermind groups. First things first: masterminds – what are they? How many people do you..

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TMM027: How The Compound Effect Works

How can starting small like sending one email a day help grow your business? Answer: The Compound Effect! In this episode, Maxie Ouyang reveals how she has effectively made this idea work for her business. First things first, “The Compound Effect” a book by Darren Hardy – what’s it about? It is the principle of taking..

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TMM026: How Andy Burgess Met Gary Vaynerchuk

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Would you like to meet Gary Vaynerchuk? 🙋 I would. In this episode, Andy Burgess leaves clues on how he did just that. In 2017, he created a story everyday. That’s 365 stories that are edited in high production vertical style.  This later led him to meet the legendary man himself Gary Vee.