Nomaan Alwi, A Foundation student shares his journey in creating a SaaS. Nomaan is an expert in automation and thrives even with complex technology.



00:40 Nomaan’s background

02:25  Learning about passive income

04:10 Trying different jobs, but it’s not working

06:45 How Nomaan found Dane on a Mixergy Podcast

07:45 Video tutorials made by awesome creators that teach you how to use software.

08:00 Chatfuel Rockets Messenger Bot

11:20 Nomaan is currently working on marketing and networking.

13:15 What Nomaan is doing this week: BotAcademy

14:15 Taskmation Messenger Bot

15:00 The obstacles… wantrapreneur

15:45 What Nomaan has learned in The Foundation…The tools and know how

17:45 The difference between the mindset of sales and marketing

21:10 Leveraging your network of friends

21:38 Nomaan’s superpower is knowing how to thrive with complicated technology

23:20 Nomaan went through John Logar’s system 10x

24:10 The value of becoming an expert

27:00 Recommendations:

27:15 Podcasts: Mixergy, Entrepreneur on Fire, Pat Flynn SPI, GaryV

28:05 He follows: GaryV, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Grant Cordone

28:55 YouTube: The Points Guy TPG (travel hacking), Grant Cordone, Linus Tech Tips, HardwareCanucks, Fast Lane Cars,

31:08 Software: iPhone notes app, Spotify, Zapier,

33:05 Book: The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

33:50 Opportunity for you to move your business forward: Micro-commitments and Micro-celebrations

33:16 Goal setting

35:50 Contact him via FB

36: 20 Final Thoughts. Send Nomaan a message and connect

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