Dan Olson, A Foundation student is an avid reader. He is on track to finishing a book a week. Dan is kicking my butt in devouring books and I can learn a lot from him. 

Contact info:

danolson16 on Skype





00:00 Introduction and background

03:21 Source of principles and ethics

06:06 Why did you join TF?

08:12 What is your niche?

09:05 Value of Persistence

10:58 Finding the joy in the process

14:00 Focusing on money

15:39 The need for money in different stages of life

17:39 Studying business really helps performance as an employee

22:02 Allowing employees to work on personal projects

24:15 Current list of books Dan’s reading

25:40 How to optimize your reading habits

26:56 Reading strategies to get through more books

30:01 Staying consistent

31:00 Setting goals

34:14 Expectations and recognizing progress

36:26 Breaking a routine

38:58 Podcast recommendations

42:10 YouTube recommendations

44:32 Inspiring CEOs  

45:42 Recommended action

47:57 Handling anger

50:08 Take more chances

52:20 Contact info


 Podcast Recommendations


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Books mentioned

  • Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson
  • The Values Factor – John Demartini
  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  • Dan Kennedy books
  • What Doesn’t Kill Us – Scott Carney (The Wim Hof Breathing Method)
  • The One Thing – Gary Keller
  • Built to Last – Jim Collins
  • Elon Music – Ashlee Vance



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