Ben Meeder* is a Foundation student and a deep thinker. We go deep into philosophy and mindset during this episode. We talk about emotional reasoning and addressing your thought patterns. 


Turn a meeting into a job and discussing your mindset



00:00 Introduction

01:58 Setup before Ben’s meeting

04:00 Example of happiness vs investing

07:18 How Ben setup the meeting with his idol

10:00 The successful want to give back

10:25 What to say during an important meeting

11:43 What not to say and do

12:41 Meeting with Bryan

14:03 Show up in a big way

14:43 How did he offer you a job?

15:50 Should you work for free?

16:44 Know your own boundaries

18:15 Quality of the relationship

21:45 Bibliotherapy approach

22:35 Emotional energy

23:42 The power of habits

24:45 Tuning into positive radio signals

26:40 Automatic thoughts

27:30 How to correct your thoughts

29:03 How to stop negative thought patterns

29:25 What is emotional reasoning?

31:45 Steps to correct negative thought patterns

32:45 Cognitive distortions from “Feeling Good”

34:21 Food addiction

35:49 Give yourself +1

36:11 Evaluating your thoughts

37:39 Chemical releases of negative choices

39:15 Share your comments



Evolving Love Conference


The Last Safe Investment – Bryan Franklin

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

The 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

Feeling Good – David Burns


Lotus – Suitcases and Sandwiches – 2006


*Ben Meeder is not a medical professional or a psychologist. Consult a real professional.