Episode 007 with Ben Adler Image

Ben Adler has used LinkedIn to gain credibility in a market that he knew little about. He shares some awesome ways to gain thousands of followers that LinkedIn doesn’t want you to use. Ben also demonstrates how writing a single article for LinkedIn can be used in a multitude of ways for influence. My favorite part of this episode was what happened to Ben when he brought bagels into a dealership to bribe them into looking at his demo.

03:40 How to become an expert in anything
06:07 A creative approach to getting more views on an article
07:12 A different way to try to get a meeting with someone
08:02 Ben’s Auto Dealer SaaS features
09:24 Ben’s LinkedIn hack to getting lots of followers
10:50 More LinkedIn hacks (endorsements, minor updates, sharing to groups)
13:00 Industry specific forums. You have to be relevant and not spammy
15:50 Walking in unannounced and doing a demo on the spot
20:55 Networking is hugely important when building a software business
22:50 The importance of offering value first

Ben Adler on LinkedIn