Jonathan has a way of speaking that really draws me in.

He really has the gift of gab and I admire that in him.

He advises all of us to keep taking action and build systems. I for one am going to take him up on his advise and build a routine that I can stick to.

There is a snowballl effect that in the moment doesn’t seem like much. Gary Vee says that nobody was watching his Wine Library TV program at first. Look at where Gary Vee is today. Huge.

Keep on your Twenty Mile March and build your dreams. Fail. Try again. Iterate. Fail.

These are the “Principles” that billionaire Ray Dalio writes about.

Life your life.

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2:00 Build a connection website Hihub for LA
3:00 Solution to getting healthcare tech into healthcare
4:00 Learning how to fail
5:00 Why Hihub didn’t work
6:00 Confidence around powerful people
7:00 An idea that the skilled nursing facility came up with
8:00 Another failed attempt at contacting doctors
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10:30 Homecare niche is interesting
11:00 Cold calling was training. to do autofollow-ups.
12:00 Sales learned from Grant Cardone about sales
13:00 (Really fun talk) Nice guy in TX
14:00 It’s taking way too long to get this far
15:00 Focus like a hound
16:00 Ego getting in the way for men
17:00 Process goals vs goals, habits, routines, pomodoros
18:00 Reading some good books
19:00 Pavloc for developing habits

Sponsor: Monk Messenger Bots

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