I was honored to interview Eric and really enjoyed the energy of the podcast. He is a wealth of information and we cover a range of topics from mindset to marketing during the show. I can’t wait to learn more from him in Ibiza. I listed our topics below so you can quickly jump to the specific time, if something sparks your interest.


Show notes


01:12     How did you become the e-mail marketing expert?
03:00     Do you have to be a good writer to be good at copy?
05:35     How does Eric currently generate leads? (and 14:10)
06:33     Eric’s green light formula for making money in B2B.
08:40     What are you e-mail open rates?
09:40     The number of e-mails in Eric’s drip sequences.
11:00     Are your e-mails custom?
14:50     Why your website is not important to your customers.
17:55     Honesty is the answer.
18:35     Understanding the customer is so important.
20:10     Quite arguing with reality!!!
22:25     Energy and being present analogy
24:12     Explain your study of “Circling”
26:47     Is depression genetic or is it environmental?
32:00     Is circling just being present?
35:15     Owning your experience
36:40     “Choronoligizing” my unknown Ninja skill.