I had the wonderful opportunity to pick the brains of two ecommerce rock stars.

Thankfully they allowed me to record our conversation for all of you. You’ve got to hear how Eric turned an $8,000 scam into a 6-figure business. He is the definition of persistence and hard work.

CJ shares so much wisdom in this episode with her view as treating business as a spiritual path for personal development. I want to thank them both again for sharing their stories of entrepreneurship.

What was the most important thing that you learned from this episode?


[2:24] CJ’s first business didn’t fit her unique genius

[6:00] Have no regrets

[8:14] How Eric got scammed for $8,000

[12:29] Always do your due diligence when making an investment

[14:04] Eric pivoted and took an $8,000 domain name and created a real business that generated over $200,000

[17:25] CJ always knew she was an entrepreneur at heart. Are you?

[19:03] Analogy of growing a business is like raising a child

[21:08] The key secret to success is learning How to Fail

[22:16] You are NOT your business (an important distinction)

[24:07] Treat business as a spiritual path

[25:17] Tip: Keep your day job when you’re just getting started

[26:48] Happiness should be a key performance indicator for your business’ success]

[28:14] Cultivating curiosity is an important business skill

[29:46] You’ve got to focus on one thing

[32:28] Just make a choice and try it

[34:17] Indecision is the same as not trying

[35:42] A community of support is important for success

[37:06] Try a lot of things and see what you like

[38:40] Find your passion and change the world

[40:01] What’s your purpose with consuming more information?

[42:01] FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

[42:18] You must take action