Natalie Webster, CEO of Priority Experts

Are you losing money from poor customer service?

Did you know that customer success can cost you nothing? Setting up a customer service team can make your business more money by plugging the leaks.

I didn’t realize the many ways that customer success could increase sales and decrease refunds until I spoke with Natalie.

If you are at this stage in your business, this would be a good show to listen to.


My favorite tips were to setup an email address with a real person’s name attached instead of making it a generic customer service email. I also like how much Natalie talked about making a human connection and building relationships. I think that’s a key takeaway for any business.

Natalie was super generous and put together an amazing strategy guide for “Customer Success”.

Get it here >>>


[0:46] What is customer success?

[3:11] Is customer success a new term?

[4:33] A sales strategy: funnels, failed invoices, and support reps

[6:27] Would you pay me $5,000 a month to go hunt down $20,000 a month?

[7:48] Have a human connection in your funnel to increase sales

[9:30] Tip: Use a customer success person email address

[11:08] Have a FB Messenger Bot option to talk to a human

[13:30] Call the customer immediately when they watch 75% of the pitch

[15:01] Usually it takes 4 touches before a customer will buy from you

[16:40] Please don’t pressure them to buy, because that increases refund rates

[18:32] A chatbot could qualify the lead before a sales call

[20:09] Customers want to be comforted and nurtured

[22:34] Don’t disconnect sales and support teams

[24:24] The number of support tickets that get closed doesn’t matter

[27:16] Be a human and don’t follow a cumbersome script

[29:05] Don’t overuse macros, because they are impersonal

[30:54] Community management is super important

[31:56] Please moderate and respond to social media comments

[35:11] It takes about 3 months to build trust in a community

[36:45] Lots of ways to support customers on social media

[39:08] A chatbot could help a business with damage control

[43:07] Building a customer success team

[46:52] Solve problems and apply critical thinking

Bonus: Your Free Guide on “Customer Success”

Natalie was super generous and put together an amazing strategy guide for “Customer Success”.

Get it here >>>


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