Tara Green - Energy Consultant to the Stars!

Ever feel like nothing is working out for you?

I interview Tara Green who has the skills to help you find clarity and make your life better. I know that sounds like hype, but the work she does gets to the core of what’s holding you back. I have seen Tara do emotional work with me and it has moved internal blocks that have been in there for years.

Tara is a very empathetic person and has an incredible potential to help others. In this podcast, she talks about emotions, the blocks from getting what you desire and how she processes energy.

This talk will not only help entrepreneurs, but ordinary people to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Tara will give you clarity from where you are now to what you intended to achieve. She also gives you insights on how she was able to work with celebrities despite of her self doubts and beliefs. Plus, a preview on what it feels like to live the RV life (which I’m really curious about)

Who is Tara Green?

Tara Green is an entrepreneur, energy worker, YouTube vlogger, snowboarder and spirituality coach. She works with artists, celebrities and women in creating a life without limits simply by being who they are and following their magic.

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[03:13] The Number 1 thing to be done when feeling down to get back up

[03:51] Finding out how you feel about something

[04:44] People Normally don’t do this especially men

[06:24] Beginner’s guide to connecting with your real voice

[08:01] Do this When tension and worry gets really bad

[10:30] The opposite thing happens when you connect to your negative thoughts

[11:52] What to do when everything feels like crap and BS

[16:30] Meditation without sitting for an hour and examples

[18:51] Entrepreneurship: Tara tells us about her business

[21:37] Tips on how to work with Celebrities

[25:50] “Did you have any doubts and fear when this opportunity has landed into your lap?”

[26:47] The critical moment that everybody has had in their life

[27:52] Saying YES to an opportunity without listening to your small voice

[28:17] Importance of writing things down

[30:04] Mapping out where you want to go

[34:26] The feeling when you are in harmony with the things you’re asking for

[35:15] Energy work for clarity

[36:47] What it’s like to have a Digital Nomadic Lifestyle

[39:30] How cats and pets can help in RV traveling

[42:00] Retirees wonder how could it be possible to travel when you are still young

[43:00] Tips on getting internet connection on the road

[43:10] Starbucks is your BFF

[45:00] Importance of internet consistency as an entrepreneur

[46:45] Best way to connect with Tara


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