Are you a decision maker? Do you allow your team to make decisions and push them to be critical thinkers? 

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Bryan Armentrout who shows the importance of decision making and building relationship with your team for a better understanding of where they are coming from. 

In most situations, it is better to wait and gather the facts, the reality and processed the situation with your team than to make emotional snap decisions.


Your decisions will either make you or break you. And it will have an impact on your company, subordinates, career, and family.

This talk will help you identify your weakness as an employee and how to overcome it. As a manager, you will also be able to identify the type of workers you have, how to handle them, and how to improve their potential by providing avenues for them to grow professionally.


Who is Bryan Armentrout?

Bryan Armentrout is the author of “The New Manager Mindset: How to Master the Four Secrets of Leadership that College Doesn’t Teach You” (

I highly suggest you get a copy of his book as it gives practical advice to turn your life around for your benefit, making a difference in your life and the people around you.

His book helps companies and managers to be great decision makers. This will also help equipped employees with skills that boost their credibility and performance as highly qualified workers.

As the Chief Executive Officer and owner of The Food Leadership Group, his team helps food companies deploy effective Food Safety and Quality systems

You will learn the importance of team, decision making, and what quality assurance is to the company.

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Time Stamp

[1:08] Your plan when you’re young actually changes in time.

[3:51] You can make money no matter how small your business idea is: renting vending machines to stores for a commission.

 [6:32] Why managers need to know the principle behind the 10-80-10 rule and how to identify people in this category.

 [9:22] How evaluating your daily routine can give you insights on what you want to do next in your career.

[12:40] Sometimes managers need to sit back and let the team work out the solutions to the problem.

[12:48] ASK: what can we do about that?

[13:15] Involve the members in the decision-making process so they will develop critical thinking skills.

[17:11] Realization: if you do everything correct in your job no one notices.

[21:15] We are born with a “Blank Slate” and we need information to understand why things operate in a certain way.

[22:55] The process of building products and what consumers really want

[25:49] Avoid the trap of internal evaluation

[27:10] Two possible reasons why consumer complains

[30:36] Analyze why the system fails when it is supposed to be working.

[32:13] What matters is how you do things and modify it over time.

[35:48] Life can be more difficult without your morning rituals which is the same at work or business

[39:19] To improve quality of product, you must consider having management conversations with the right  person or the management team.

[46:43] It really doesn’t matter if you’re making cheese or house or even software product. There’s always four stages to how something is made.

[48: 22] The skills in building the company are different from the skills in running the company.



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