How to be Seen as an Expert in your Chosen Niche with Kyle Gray

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell.

But I always feel overwhelmed with were to start and what to say the moment I begin thinking about creating content. My goal for you is that you will understand the framework and philosophy behind good content marketing from an expert in the field from this episode.  

In this podcast episode with Kyle Gray, I am grateful for the overflowing wisdom that Kyle has shared. His methods are so effective that he has created massive results for his clients for their marketing dollars.



What’s content marketing anyway?  …simply the creation of online material that doesn’t explicitly promote a brand, but stimulates interest in its products/services…


This talk with Kyle will put you on a journey of discovering the secrets behind effective content marketing strategies for your business. We discuss the processes that will help you find your unique stories and make content marketing simple.

Who is Kyle Gray?

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur and author of the book titled “The Story Engine: An entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing”. He helps his clients with clear, concise, and actionable strategies to reap the benefits of inbound marketing. I’d say he’s a master storyteller and teaches how you can become one too.

The Story Engine


[01:28] The Thirty Thousand foot view of looking at content

[06:20] Discover your dormant talent by using this technique

[12:31] One of the biggest mistake that people make when approaching content marketing

[13:13] Your ultimate differentiating factor from anybody else

[14:58] Creating a clear content by understanding this one question

[19:05] Remembering your past

[21:20] One of the really good ways when keying in “deep reason why” posts

[22:20] The feeling you get when your content will knock it out of the park

[25:10] Why so many good drafts get deleted

[26:16] Power of a BIG ambitious goal explained

[31:10] The Proprietary Process in what we do

[34:30] Comparing the Bad versus the Good way of presenting yourself

[35:40] Process of taking people into a journey in your business

[38:14] Kyle talks about branding what you do

[42:05] Important key points not to miss

[43:58] Different mediums and approaches to get your message out

[47:08] The best way to connect with Kyle

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