TMM016 Grow Your Business With FB Messenger Bots

What worked for you yesterday, might become less effective, specifically email marketing.

Mary is such an inspiration for hustlers, all of those who are aspiring to grow a business and be successful online by turning all her struggles into a massive success by applying the right mindset.

To keep up technology, you need to adapt or get left behind. My mission is to help grow your business with conversational marketing.

FB Messenger Chatbots are really cool!

It is an honor to present to you my guest, Mary Kathryn Johnson who is an expert in  FB Messenger bots and conversational marketing. I was completely blown away by her methods of getting a lead with just one click without needing an email address.

[18:04] Do you need to continue to buy courses and consume more information in order to take action? (hint: NOOO!)

Messenger reduces the friction for marketers, which is always a good thing. You’ll be amazed how it can sustain your business by getting high quality and targeted leads for as low as $0.30 each.

Mary Kathryn’s Messenger Funnels Chatbot

Not only do we get real nerdy about chatbots, but we also talk about the mindset that every entrepreneur needs to have to face any challenge along the way.


Who is Mary Kathryn Johnson?

She has been featured on popular sites such as Entrepreneur On Fire, The Good Man Project,  Working Motherhood Top Tips and Women Taking the Lead. Mary Kathryn is the founder of Messenger Funnels, an author, entrepreneur, Facebook Messenger chatbot expert and a powerful mother. Mary Kathryn has done so much. It’s hard to summarize it all. She teaches individuals about parenting and business with her podcast, has a clothing business, and is a Messenger funnel marketer.

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If you are intrigued by the topic that we talked about and would love to learn more, we will make another episode based on what you want to know about messenger chatbots. We will do a Q and A session to help you through this. All you have to do is comment right below this post or message me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin the strategy you’d like to learn.


“If you’re gonna keep following squirrels, go for it. But I’m telling you, until you stop and you only follow one, and focus on that one, and take action on that one, until you do that, you will continue to be frustrated. You will continue following guru after guru, looking for your solution, looking for your dream, looking for the quick fix.”

-Mary Kathryn Johnson


Time Stamp

[02:25] The start of Mary Kathryn’s entrepreneurial journey, the Big Idea,and the struggle.

[07:34] An accountant’s wise words on a failing business (also her husband).

[10:14] The email that came out of nowhere that started a whole new business Idea.

[13:26] How Mary Kathryn presold a chatbot idea worth $2,000 while still figuring out how to do it.

[18:04] Do you need to continue to buy courses and consume more information in order to take action?

[22:08] Building a chatbot is a lot like planning a trip.

[29:07] Case study about how a chatbot can help your business.

[38:04] Facebook will never shut you down as long as you follow these rules

[39:09] How to connect with Mary Kathryn.

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