Everything that we utilize now started from a single idea.

From the clothes that we wear, the phones that we use, and the vehicles that we drive each day, it all began with a single idea inside a person’s mind. Everyone has great ideas to make the world a better place, but only some turn that idea into a reality.

The solution is to take MASSIVE ACTION.

In this podcast episode, Darby Rollins is a great example of how an idea and the vision to help more people  became a product. He created Exomend, a posture correction device,  to boost productivity, increase confidence and optimize focus.  We also talk about the philosophy and the mindset that you need as an entrepreneur.

Who is Darby Rollins?


Since he was a kid, Darby loved sports, and wanted to be one of the best baseball players out there. Due to a shoulder injury before his senior year, things changed. After graduation, he worked at a corporate job. However, he had a great desire to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. Darby took a great leap and took massive action with a clear vision and idea in his mind. Because of that, EXOMEND was born.

“You have to be willing to put yourself out there. If you have an idea and you want to create a product, anybody can do it but I will tell you that not everyone will do it because most people won’t just take the first step which is just getting out there and falling flat on your face.”

-Darby Rollins

Time Stamp

[01:13] Present yourself with confidence

[03:59] The effect of the shift from Industrial economy to Knowledge economy to your health

[07:09] Why Darby went into entrepreneurship

[15:28] Your posture is important and has a huge compounding effect

[17:08] Philosophy and the mindset that you need as an entrepreneur

[19:10] The first thing to do when you have an Idea  

[23:13] If you think you’re gonna fail, then probably you will

[27:23] When you feel that your dream was completely shattered

[30:13] Doing something for a greater cause

[36:39] Several Different ways that you could get into selling on Amazon

[39:30] Recommended book that made a great difference

[42:09] Best way to connect with Darby

[45:32] Where to get Exomend

Get Exomend Here: http://exomend.com/

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