Creating Your Version Of An Epic Life

“Money can buy anything. If I am rich, then I will be happy.” Are you sure about that?

Having more money to be happy is completely different from being happy FIRST.

Money will come into your life. (I’m sure some of you don’t believe me…and that’s OK) Time to change your perspective for the sake of saving yourself from misery and despair. I can’t stress that point enough!

Remember when you were a kid? You had so much ambition and imagination. It makes your eyes shine when you talk to somebody about it. Now that you’re an adult and have the capacity to live your epic life, why stay in your shell and be content with just getting by?

I am so excited to share with you this podcast episode with Sunny Durante, the man who had all the material things he wanted in life, but realized that there was still something missing. We talk about living life as a mission and deep dive into questioning yourself about your purpose of doing things.

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Sunny Who?




Sunny is a fulfillment strategist to successful entrepreneurs. He helps people re-wire their brains so they wake up happy and love their lives again. He came from a family of entrepreneurs and started his first company when he was 16. Sunny was successful in the Toronto film industry.

He had a great opportunity to Work with 100 million dollar productions, celebrities, have a nice car, downtown condo, etc. etc.

The lack of money was never an issue in his life, but feeling trap and lonely, he started to question himself, “Is this really all there is to life?”

In that moment, he took massive action to find his own version of an epic life. He went on to become a Freedom and Fulfilment Strategist teaching men more freedom and fulfillment in their life so that they can make a great impact in the world.

“There are two great things in a person’s life. The day we are born and the day we discover our why.”
– Sunny Durante

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Time Stamp

[00:49] There is no room for an error in this powerful leadership experience
[09:36] The two great days in a person’s life
[14:37] The effect of living in your mission versus just doing it for the money
[16:07] The transition from working in the film industry to the online marketing world
[20:32] “Is this really all there is to life?”
[22:36] You don’t need a plan 50 steps away
[26:02] For all the skeptics out there, bring it on!
[35:08] Becoming the magnet of what you want
[45:10] A breakthrough from 7 years of hesitation to give life to a project
[48:33] Best way to connect with Sunny

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