TMM019: Chatbots that Get You More Sales and Happier Customers

Want to experience the power of automation?

At the end of the day, to have for sales, your customers must be happy. How can you make it if you can’t even respond to their simple queries?

Chatbots are the game changers in the marketing industry today. If you want to be on top of your game.

In this episode, Nick and JP will give you great insights into how chatbots will make a difference in your business. We talk about defining the chatbots, benefits of partnership, a case study and the processes to be effective in selling.


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Nick and JP Who?




Nick Julia, bot builder

Years ago, inspired by a good professor, Nick went to a law school but figured it out that it wasn’t his passion. He then went into digital marketing by starting working on his family business, content marketing, then Bot Academy with Andrew Warner.

JP Johl, sales partner

JP started a career in marketing as an account manager. Later he became an account executive, running sales for new accounts and bringing in new business for whatever company he was working. After that, he moved over to digital marketing then to IT doing enterprise sales.

How did they met?

The two met at Andrew Warner’s Bot Academy facebook group. The two hadn’t met in person, but after some talks, trust was built with each other, and they had an idea to combine their unique skills to for more leverage. They did just that and are closing enterprise clients.

“Chatbots are about the next technology that can make your life easier…or we can provide more value. And that’s where I can see it heading.”

Nick Julia

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An example of a Mind Hero Bot:

Time Stamp:

[01:41] Messenger Bots explained in a simple way
[04:52] How JP and Nick arrived into a sales partnership
[10:19] Benefits of a partnership and how it leverages your unique strength and abilities
[18:22] Case study: Chatbot Perfect Keto and the result
[25:12] The process of selling without being pushy
[34:48] Why go all in chatbots
[45:37] Best way to connect with JP and Nick

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