TMM023: Do Something That Inspires You Everyday

What inspires you?

What is it that makes you crawl out of bed when the sun rises?

From having troubles in waking up earlier every morning to taking a picture of the sunrise every day for an entire year, Anthony Johnson shares his own journey of finding his own inspiration, awareness, and self.

We also discuss being prepared for every opportunity that comes along your way, what to do when you feel stuck at the beginning, and how to stay accountable to stick through the journey.

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Anthony Who?

Anthony Johnson is the creator of CaptureTheSunrise – a project he started as an experiment to help him wake up earlier which led him to greater awareness by reflecting on the most important things about life every morning.

He’s also an entrepreneur who owns his own marketing consulting business called SpiralOut Consulting LLC – a company that’s geared towards helping startups and small businesses become more successful.

“It’s not about searching for something out there. It’s really more about looking inside of you.”

-Anthony Johnson

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Time Stamp:

[02:26] The beginning of Capture The Sunrise project

[08:20] Finding yourself and putting yourself out there by doing something unique

[09:36] The fear of being judged and being under a magnifying glass

[12:58] Being prepared to take advantage of opportunities

[19:43] Trying something to explore your creativity and putting yourself out there

[23:02] How to stay accountable with yourself

[29:28] What to do when you’re stuck at the beginning

[39:45] His entrepreneurship journey on consulting

[46:35] The big shift he had that changed his business

[54:15] Anthony’s final message of inspiration

[56:05] Where to find Anthony Johnson

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