Desiring to shed some extra pounds?

What was his winning combination?

In this episode, Nomaan shares his fitness journey with you. How did he shift his mindset to lose those extra pounds and make the decision for better health. What were the changes he made to his diet. Was hiring a personal trainer key to his success, or part of a multi-faceted program.

I still don’t know what a slow-carb diet is, haha.

If you’re looking for an inspiration to shed those extra pounds you’ve had with you, then this might be your best episode.

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Nomaan Who?

Nomaan Alwi is an experienced electrical engineer who specializes in industrial automation and B2B consulting. He runs his own system integration company Veritas Automation. Nomaanwas the very first guest of Twenty Mile March Podcast. It’s an honor to have him back!

Recently, Nomaan decided to make a shift in his life for better health. This led him to an obsession with his fitness and helping others like him. Although he initially got started to better his own health by losing 50+ pounds so far, he is now inspiring others like him to do the same.


“As long as your body is getting the right micronutrients that it needs, then your body automatically does not crave all the unhealthy food.”

-Nomaan Alwi

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Time Stamp:

[01:00] Nomaan’s health background

[06:35] His peak weight

[08:25] The beginning of change in his health

[11:00] The small change in his diet

[13:07] Hiring his first personal trainer

[13:49] How Nomaan applied slow carb diet on his own

[15:36] Proper science behind organic foods

[20:39] How he used his Instagram feed to document his journey

[23:17] The minute overview of what things worked for him

[27:03] What he can help you with

[27:15] How you can reach Nomaan Alwi

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