What does it take to build a successful chatbot in less than a year?

What about this Facebook investigation?

We answer all these questions on this episode with another amazing chatbots builder Stephen Bradeen. Have a listen if you are a chatbot creator, marketer, or agency owner… or just planning to be one. 🙂

Apart from this, you’ll also understand the mindset, routines and practices Stephen Bradeen used that made him successful in his very first year of being an entrepreneur.

He has been giving back to the community of bot builders on Facebook helping others succeed. Stephen is definitely a winner, because of how he is showing up for others.  If you’re a new entrepreneur yourself, you’ll love this episode.

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Stephen Who?

Stephen Bradeen is a software entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and Founder of OnSpotAutomations. He left the Toronto film industry behind and took a leap of faith by joining The Foundation (Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish).

I had the privilege of knowing him inside Bot Academy, a bot building school run by Andrew Warner. Since then, he has successfully skyrocketed his entrepreneurship journey through his own chatbot agency which helps businesses grow through Facebook Messenger Bots.

“One of the biggest hurdles [I think] for people is stepping out of something they don’t like and stepping into something that is more like their dream is being able to feel happiness first.”

-Stephen Bradeen

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I agree with Stephen that the Facebook pause shouldn’t last too much longer. It is scary to not have control over certain aspects of your business. But, Facebook bots or automated Messenger conversations are not going away.

Ultimately, more regulations will be good for bot builders. Let’s face it. It’s been like the wild wild west and some bad eggs used chatbots to spam the crap out of people. Thankfully, those bad actors have had their Messenger bots shut down (or will soon).

Meanwhile, keep improving your bot copywriting skills, prospect for more clients, do more demos, etc. There’s still plenty to do in the chatbot space.


Time Stamp:

[3:46] One of the biggest hurdles for people in stepping into their dream

[6:01] His view on chatbots and are chatbots here to stay?

[12:17] On his consulting business in relation to chatbots

[16:46] On his daily routines and habits

[18:16] His meditation method

[22:22] Looking for positive could change your life

[23:35] The book he’s currently reading & the lessons in it

[25:40] His thoughts on chatbot platforms

[27:17] His opinion on Facebook regulations & pausing of chatbot creation

[30:57] The blind spot for many bot builders nowadays

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