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Would you like to meet Gary Vaynerchuk? ๐Ÿ™‹ย I would.

In this episode, Andy Burgess leaves clues on how he did just that. In 2017, he created a story everyday. That’s 365 stories that are edited in high production vertical style.ย 

This later led him to meet the legendary man himself Garyย Vee.

What did I discovered…

  1. Andy is a talented filmmaker and editor. That’s easy to see very quickly. (I struggle with adding a subtitle. ๐Ÿ˜‚)
  2. He’s passionate about it and truly creative. Andy loves waking up and creating. There’s nothing else he’d rather be doing.
  3. Andy does it everyday and so he keeps honing his craft. Leaving others in the dust.
  4. He’s authentic and you can tell that by watching his stories. Because of his genuineness, people can relate to him.

Listen to the podcast as we take a closer look at a Snapchat and Instagram practitioner!

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Andy Who?

Andy Burgess is a Snapchat and Instagram filmmaker and storyteller. A native of United Kingdom, he quit his job to move to New York City to hone his content creation skills. There, he started making cinematic Snapchat stories that soon took him to the limelight.

He is currently working with big brands such as Forbes and CollegeHumor to travel around the world and document his journey. Other brands such as Samsung have worked with him to promote their products.

He recently spoke in VidCon Australia and was one of the chosen ones to meet and talk to Gary Vaynerchuk. To date, he has continued to follow his passion and share his journeys with the world.


“If it’s something you really enjoy and you’re doing it, you’re gonna continue doing it.”

-Andy Burgess

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Time Stamp:

[02:47] Where his idea of doing daily snaps came from

[04:23] How he craft his stories

[06:01] How he met Gary Vaynerchuk

[08:47] How he makes a living with Snapchat

[09:41] How he works with big brands in creating campaigns

[14:09] His feelings on Influencer Marketing

[26:35] His personal view on documenting vs creating content online

[32:14] His goals this year on creating content

[34:47] His thoughts on vertical film-making and how he made it work for it

[40:49] His message for people who wants to grow their Instagram and/or Snapchat accounts

[48:32] Where you can find Andy Burgess in social media

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