How can starting small like sending one email a day help grow your business? Answer: The Compound Effect!

In this episode, Maxie Ouyang reveals how she has effectively made this idea work for her business.

First things first, “The Compound Effect” a book by Darren Hardy – what’s it about? It is the principle of taking one small step consistently every day that will lead you to reap huge rewards in the future.

The moment you come up with a new life goal, instantly turn it into a tiny, daily habit you can practice.

We talk about prospecting for new clients using email marketing. This can be challenging as new entrepreneurs sometimes feel defeated when nobody replies to their emails or responds “no thanks”.

Maxie is the founder of Happy Charting, an electronic health records software company for acupuncture clinics. She shares how the challenge of becoming HIPAA compliant became a significant asset when your competition’s software isn’t compliant with protected health information. Hard work pays off!

We also talk about a beautiful project of giving back to female entrepreneurs in Loma Linda, El Salvador.

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Maxie Who?

Maxie Ouyang is the Founder of Happy Charting – the world’s most simple and straightforward charting software for community acupuncturists. The software development sprung forth out of Maxie’s desire to address these people’s most loathsome task: charting.




Maxie was born and raised by two proud acupuncturists who introduced her to the practice since the age of 5. She lives and breathes acupuncture. Thus, she feels a strong sense of pride, passion, and purpose to help acupuncturists with easy to use charting software.




“I find that with the 20 Mile March, it’s not just doing a little bit everyday even when it’s good. You have to do a little bit everyday even when it’s bad.”

-Maxie Ouyang

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[01:02] What is Happy Charting

[01:46] How Maxie chose the acupuncture niche

[05:09] The pricing model for the SaaS

[09:37] Was HIPAA a challenge for her?

[14:41] The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

[16:31] Email prospecting tips

[34:24] How she kept track of this prospecting process

[36:23] Giving back to female entrepreneurs

[40:47] The benefits and practice of acupuncture

[46:12] Final message to the listeners and where you can find Maxie

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