How can masterminds and habits exactly help accelerate your business?

In this episode, Ronan Leonard aka “The Mastermind Guy” breaks down all the nuts and bolts – from the concept of masterminds to the keys in establishing your own successful mastermind groups.

First things first: masterminds – what are they? How many people do you need to form an effective group? How frequent should you meet? How do you effectively qualify the people who wants to join you? What if you like being a lone wolf?

We’ve discussed all the answers to these and more. Plus, you’ll be treated to an insightful conversation about habits and their power to directly impact your business now.


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Ronan Who?


Ronan Leonard was just 23 when he found himself in a sinking cruise ship off the wild coast of South Africa. This didn’t discourage him from moving forward and he proceeded to build a successful cruise ship career for 9 years after the incident.

He grew his first casino party company business from just 2 casino tables to running the largest gaming events company in Australia.

That was then.

Now, Ronan has a business connecting small business owners to support groups through the innovative concept of virtual masterminds, which he is passionate about.

He believes we’ve lost our connection to a “tribe“ –  a community that will help you solve your problems and accelerate your learning, and that there is more value in making real peer-to-peer connections than paying external contractors who have no vested interest in your success.


“99% of your business problems already been solved. You just need the right people to connect to that can help you.”

-Ronan Leonard

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[02:20]  Why he’s passionate about connecting people through masterminds

[08:22] Optimal size of a mastermind group

[10:07] Getting personal in masterminds – is it important?

[12:19] Frequency of mastermind meetings

[13:30] Format in conducting mastermind meetings

[20:20] The Dot System

[29:40] Being more intentional in your habits and goals

[32:26] On having different levels in masterminds to fill in the gaps in learning

[35:53] Following influential people on social media

[38:01] Information vs relevancy in your business

[41:33] How he qualifies people he works with in a mastermind

[43:26] Best way to connect with Ronan Leonard

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